About us


Since 1892 we have been merchandising life related products to meet the needs of the community.
Today, society is rapidly undergoing change. Utilizing the rapid globalization of commerce, we seek to address the issues facing society, the aging population as an example. We strive with every effort to consider these issues in the rapidly globalizing world. Since establishment of our business, we have been applying "innovation to the myriad of challenges and changes".

We contribute to car community by developing the Chiba Prefecture with emphasis on the Boso Area. Our supply thain utilities the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line and the Haneda International Airport.

Tomitaya Syoten at the time of December, 1900

We respond to customers' requests there growth is expected. We are constantly
working on innovative business management and offer solutions through
our information services, distribution function and logical merchandising.

From all the staff at Tomitaya Syoten we hope to receive your continued support.


Corporate Name Tomitaya Syoten Co.,Ltd
Address 1-17-26 Shiohama, Kisarazu-shi,
Chiba, 292-0838, JAPAN MAP
TEL TEL +81(438)37-4161
FAX FAX +81(438)37-4174
President Yo Ikeda
Capital 60 million yen
Employees 22
Line of business 100 companies, 5000 items

Company Creed

  • Satisfy our customers
  • Develop and please our employees
  • Support our community
  • Appease the Shareholder
      Tomitaya Syoten is always working to do things this way.

Management Ideology

    We strive to contribute to the development of the community and the standard
    of living of our customers.

History of Tomitaya Shoten

Year Corporate History
1892 First head, Kanematsu Ikeda founded a notions dealer in Honcho, Kisarazu-shi
1930 Began wholesale trade and another job
1934 Second head, Hisashi Ikeda took the position of president of the company.
1953 Switched to the company
Establish "Tomitaya Syoten Co., Ltd." for capital 1 million yen
1965 Abolished a retail trade
Assumed wholesale a primary occupation and transferred a company building to Shinden, Kisarazu-shi
1972 The third head, Ryo Ikeda took the position of president of the company.
1980 Introduced Computer system

Established Kisarazu synthesis wholesale cooperative 
First head, Ryo Ikeda assumed the position of the chief director

1985 Spread to the Kisarazu synthesis wholesale commerce housing complex
1986 Introduced a retrieval system and a distribution system
Operated online and EOS system
1992 Establishment of a business 100 years
1993 The fourth head, Yo Ikeda took the position of president of the company.
1993 Established duties article Division
2006 Join National network of the local wholesale "SAPURICO"