Wide Range of Items

We have an abundant line-up of products at any time

Tomitaya Syoten supplies a wide range of businesses with Indispensable daily necessities such as cosmetics, commodities, and household articles.We also specialize in terms used in the hospital industry with emphasis on elderly care.

With an abundance line of products, we offer constant and service regarding needs of the client.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Cooperative Support Service In the Store

Optimizing logistics to support productivity

Our systems let you communalize the retailers and product information.Through purchase order analysis we calculate the appropriate stock in order to consistently meet the demands of our clients.
These calculations lead to an owner improvement in productivity and efficiently.

Tomitaya Syoten strives to bring these benefits to your organization.

Accurate and Speedy Our Distribution System

"Necessary Items" "as much as Necessary " "in Such Cases "

Has supplies the items which are full of variety "Necessary Items" "as much as Necessary" "in such Cases".
Since the establishment of a business, Tomitaya Syoten wrestled by the above faithfully.
In addition to it, We cover whole Chiba and fix the correct, speedy distribution systems.

To offer our service, we will build the relationship of mutual trust between the customers more in As a professional of the distribution, we will supply "Necessary Items" "as much as Necessary" "in such Cases" by the severe check systems.